Family Values

Ask us any of us what our company is built on and we’ll say family. And we don’t just mean blood ties—because the loyalty, compassion, high expectations and pride are felt by everyone, whether they’re related to us or not. And like family, they tend to stick around.

Harm Schilthuis

Started the company days after arriving from Holland in 1952 with $500 and six kids. Gruff with a heart of gold. The dirtier, the muddier, the more challenging the project the better. He was the one sweeping up the church he’d built the night before the first mass. You didn’t want to be wearing rings when you shook his hand.

Henk Schilthuis

Famous for pouring concrete in penny loafers and a dress shirt and drinking a 2-4 of Pepsi a day. Calls a computer “The Box.” Always drops by the job site as lunch is ending. Makes everyone feel like part of the team. A joker who liked to say, “If you’re not bleeding, you’re not working.” Took over as president in 1988.

Henry Schilthuis

Believes relationships are the strongest foundation for the business. Known for standing back and observing. His kids describe him as patient, gentle and calm. Treats everyone as equals. Loves to work with his hands. Has a gift for matching people to projects. Became company prez in 2003.

"There is value in doing your best every day."

Henry Schilthuis

The next generation

Henry’s sons grew up digging pits by hand, wheeling concrete and sweeping up the job site.
Today, they’re all part-owners in the company and proud to see the family name on a project.

Phil Schilthuis, Estimator

Phil is a red seal carpenter and paid his dues working as a junior and senior site supervisor before taking charge of the estimating department at Schilthuis. His no-nonsense niceness helps build a strong team with owners, architects and trades. To Phil, it’s never “just a building.” He builds every project like it’s his.

Aaron Schilthuis, Site Supervisor

Aaron won't stand for anything short of perfection—but he never loses his positive attitude in the process. As a Schilthuis site supervisor, it's Aaron's job to oversee jobs from start to finish. He loves a good challenge—the more technical a job gets, the more fun he'll be having. Like all Schilthuis site supers, he’s a red seal carpenter.

Tim Schilthuis, Project Manager

A world traveller with a business degree, Tim can make anyone feel comfortable with a single conversation. As a Schilthuis project manager, Tim brings teams together to solve business problems in creative ways that will reduce costs, improve quality and speed up construction. He’s proud that both customers and subtrades keep coming back for more.

"Everything we have is a gift to share with others."

Henry Schilthuis

Our success isn’t ours alone: it’s something we share with the communities we’re a part of. Schilthuis donates time, expertise, materials and dollars to schools, churches and non-profit organizations, including Mission Services, Lynwood Charlton Centre, Neighbour to Neighbour Centre, Redeemer University College and children’s sports teams. We believe in chipping in, sharing the wealth and offering a hand up, whether it’s helping a struggling employee, hosting monthly barbecues at the food bank or gathering carloads of toys for kids at Christmas.

"We're all pulling together on the same rope."
Beth Schilthuis

Construction shouldn’t be about litigation or labour disruption. We work together to resolve conflict, whether it’s with project owners or our own employees—a principle we put on paper when we helped form the Christian Trade Union of Canada in 1960 (now the Christian Labour Association of Canada). To this day, our employees and many of our subtrades are members of CLAC. Our negotiations are based on the principles of integrity, fairness, trust and working together, and bargaining takes place in the board room, not the job site.

Good work gets recognized

  • 2016 - Award of Merit – Renovation (Small) Institutional HBSA Awards
  • 2015 - Niagara Community Design Award x 2
  • 2014 - OGCA Distinguished Achievement in Health and Safety
  • 2014 - Business Excellence Award, Haldimand County
  • 2013 - Harm Schilthuis inducted into the Hamilton Halton Construction Association Hall of Fame
  • 2013 - OGCA Distinguished Achievement in Health and Safety
  • 2012 - Ontario Builder Awards, Honourable Mention – Category 1 – Buildings for the Dunnville Memorial Arena.
  • 2011 - Urban Design and Architecture Award
  • 2011 - Hamilton Heritage Recognition Award
  • 2006 - Ontario Concrete Award

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